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A Taste of Jamaica


Lee Perry is a regional manager for a chain of Caribbean quick service restaurants called “A Taste of Jamaica.” This chain restaurant offers several traditional dishes like fried plantains, tropical fruit, stewed peas, red pea soup, curried chicken, jerk chicken, and saltfish; traditional Jamaican beverages like carrot juice, ginger beer, and soursop drink are also served. Reggae music and the red-gold-green tricolor motif are also featured prominently to complete the ambience.

The chain has expanded rapidly, and Mr. Perry believes that in some cases, the quality of the product has begun to suffer because employees do not fully understand how to properly cook and serve authentic Jamaican cuisine. Although this is a quick service restaurant, Mr. Perry believes very strongly in serving fresh, healthy food and therefore cooks need to have more knowledge regarding cleaning and cutting raw fruit and vegetables, preparing uncooked meats in a sanitary manner, and other principles associated with gourmet cooking that would not be required in conventional fast food restaurants. It is also necessary that new hires understand the culture of Jamaica and Jamaican food to a significant extent, because the chain has marketed itself as a cultural experience rather than just as a place to get food.

Your task

Based on the information provided above, Mr. Perry would like you to provide him with advice on how to improve the performance of his workforce. He has looked closely at the Starbuck’s chain and would like to replicate their success at keeping their brand identity strong even in the face of massive expansion. You should design a training program to maintain the high standards of A Taste of Jamaica as they expand, possibly integrating ideas from the Starbuck’s training modules (you can look these up for yourself). He believes that it will be necessary to implement a few different types of training for different topics.

Describe what the primary goals of each training program will be, what methods will be used for delivering training, and how you will measure whether employees have actually succeeded in learning the relevant material. Your measurement design should specifically address whether employees know the material, whether they apply what they’ve learned on the job, and how the company can tell if these techniques have an impact on each restaurant’s bottom line. As you are making your proposals, it is worth noting that the organization does plan to have a few regional offices for management, where new employees can receive training in groups. As such, you need not assume that all training must be provided in every single restaurant.