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Arthur Conan Doyle in his short story, “A Scandal in Bohemia”, tries to elaborate the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes through his powers of deducing cases as narrated by Dr. Watson. The story is all about the scandal as postulated by the title of the short story capturing the King of Bohemia who at his teenage life had entered into a relationship with admirable lady, Irene Adler, whom the King perceived she could spoil his marriage (Doyle p.9). Holmes with his abilities takes the center of the stage to strategies on how to save the king through retrieving a photograph and some letters which Irene Adler could send to the family of the lady, whom the King wants to marry.

Spaces in the Story

In “A Scandal in Bohemia,” the speaker and point-of-view of the main character, Dr. Watson, passes through Sherlock Holmes’ apartment along Baker Street while returning from a journey: through the eyes and body language of the Sherlock, Dr. Watson could get communication, for instance, being shown where to sit, “he waved me to an armchair….,”p. 3. Regarding this, the story creates various spaces incorporating culture and social world corresponding to each space; at Baker Street, Holmes’ apartment, people of different social classes and characters interact with Sherlock Holmes and the narrator. For example, Dr. Watson is a professional doctor while the visitor is a King of Bohemia. Secondly is Europe which the King is very sensitive about as the secrecy among the three parties might taint the history of the continent impacting adversely on the King of Bohemia. Through the description of the narrator, a visitor is a rich man who can be categorized as “an akin to bad taste,” p. 7. At this point, the narrator is trying to the readers the contrast existing among these people, and this has been reinforced by the uneasiness which Dr. Watson demonstrated by trying to leave the house, “I rose to go, but Holmes caught me by the wrist and pushed me back into the chair” p. 8, despite being honored by the visitor and Holmes had requested him to assist in the scenario.

From this exhibit, there are contracting social class spaces, Baker Street where the narrator usually passes and that of England demonstrated as first-class by the visitor through his “rich with a richness” p. 7. The social life of Baker Street residents led by Holmes is not pleasing as it is associated with crime and the consumption of drugs that Holmes uses for activation. Besides, through the note-paper which was sent to Holmes, the client conceals his identity by using a mask and even the name in the notepaper has been abbreviated to cover the name of the client, … and saw a large “E” with small “g”….woven into the texture of the paper” p. 6. The writer is trying to explain to the reader how the leaders in our society are criminals and they can do anything to get their problems solved. For instance, the King of Bohemia promises Holmes that he can do anything to get the photograph back… “I would give one of the provinces of my kingdom to have that photograph,” P. 12. Regarding this information, the narrator tries to demonstrate how the King is desperate of getting the photograph back, showing the distinction between families as the Scandinavia King’s family is guided by strict principles that might call off the marriage.

However, Holmes carries the case with simplicity and even planning to handle other cases before dealing with the Kings scenario indicating Holmes experience in his job. Further, Holmes uses a different kind of drugs and his associating with a doctor who doesn’t advise him on the disastrous effects which are caused by the substance. This episode forms a vacuum on the professionalism and ethics of medicine which should be discouraging the misuse of drugs and the consumption of illegal drugs creating a mismatch between ethics and professionalism.    Through my argumentative exhibit, Chapter 1 of “A Scandal in Bohemia” persistently demonstrate partially on the mismatch in the characters as the story flows where there is a son of a royal family seeking assistance from a criminal so that is marriage might go through. This shows that finances cannot solve problems that one has in life since the King carries with him a chunk of money to entice Holmes. Even Irene Adler has been described to be most beautiful, She has the face of the most beautiful of the women,” p. 9, but her mind comprehend that of a man forcing the King not to marry her, “Rather than that I should marry another woman” p. 9. This mismatch creates a space in the story because everyone should be looking for a lady who is smart all-around which Irene Adler had portrayed but the King decided to dump her.

The social class plays a critical role in this case since the King picks a daughter of a royal family from Scandinavia to keep the status quo. There is geographical variance as demonstrated by the distance between the two places since the King had used horses for traveling to arrive at the required time, …” horses’ hoofs and grafting wheels” p. 6.

Social Spaces

a). The Royal Family

The upper class of England has been portrayed by the goodies which the visitor carries with him as speculated by Holmes. In many occasions where horses are used signifies a luxurious life and especially used by prince. Therefore, the use of horses by King of Bohemia, the narrator tries to inform the audience that the character is a person of high profile. With the dressing, the speaker used alliteration “rich with a richness” putting more weight on the class that the visitor belong.


Moreover, he owns various provinces which he is ready to give out one of them to retrieve the photograph back. Even his fiancé is the daughter of a king, indicating that the royal families prefer maintaining the status quo in the community. Notably, the titles which have been used in this exhibit like Count Von Kramm, a Bohemia nobleman, Grand Duke of Cassel-Felstein and St. John’s Wood manifesting an upper social class, (Doyle p.12). These names are used by the narrator to demonstrate to the audience the kind of life the king is enjoying.

b). The Baker Street Life

Baker Street is different from the earlier class because it is dominated by drugs whichHolmes is using, “alternating between cocaine and ambition,” (Doyle p. 2). A community occupied by drug abuse is accompanied by a high level of crime resulting in a lower level of development as most drugs are associated with evil deals.

In this kind of life, there are many cases of murder which the narrator trying to show the reader the history of the community which quite different compared to the European whose history has to be maintained with dignity forcing the King to move long distances to save the situation before the wedding time. Additionally, Dr. Watson is trekking home along the street signifying low living standards in this vicinity. This indicates that the Baker Street community was middle-class as the two characters, Holmes and Dr. Watson, are professionals.