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A Review of the “Eleven Madison Park” Episode of 7 Days Out

7 Days Out is a Netflix show that the viewers can relate to and learn from due to the interesting events captured. The series showcases exciting scenes that lead to significant happenings in the fields such as fashion, sports, space, entertainment, and food. From the preparation for the Chanel Haute Culture to the League of Legends championships and to the NASA groundbreaking event, the 7 Days Out series delivers behind-the-scene information about most vital events in the world. “Eleven Madison Park” is one of the episodes in the series that portrays the renovation and reopening of a restaurant. The unique machines, equipment, and quality skills presented in the episode show the effective integration and use of innovation and technology in the hospitality industry.

The renovations taking place in “Eleven Madison Park” are all geared towards improving the appearance and functioning of the restaurant. The changes made in the dining section and the outside environment make it one of the top restaurants in the region. The sophisticated equipment, unique dishes, and exceptional orientation of the entire dining section further enhances the establishment’s attractiveness. The kitchen section is equipped with modern machines that showcase the effectiveness of the use of new technology in the restaurant setting. The laundry section is also renovated, and new innovations are utilized to enhance the quality of the housekeeping services. From the interviews with the management, it is observed that the renovation focused on the integration of technology in the activities of the restaurant. The gadgets, equipment, and machinery showcased in the episode justify the attainment of the intended goal.

The American culture is depicted in the preparation and presentation of the food. The scenes on food preparation teach the viewers the preferred American recipes for various dishes. Moreover, the approach and skills used in the preparation of the desserts and other foods showcase the changing culinary standards of the chefs against the backdrop of the currently acceptable standards. The presentation of the food is equally outstanding and unique to the restaurant. While the American culture is clearly portrayed in the nature of foods presented in the episode, the skills showcased are also informative on the changes in the cooking and food presentation techniques.

The aspect of management of a restaurant is likewise explored in the episode. The appearance of the two leaders, who manage different sectors of the restaurant, indicates the importance of division of labor in any work-setting. The transformational leadership style employed by the managers is easily observable in their involvement in activities within the restaurant. The constant interaction with other employees also creates a free working environment that is not only suitable for proper decision-making but is helpful in the attainment of a motivated workforce. It can be deduced that maintenance of a higher rank in the hospitality industry is attributed to the effective management strategy adopted by the leaders of the restaurant.

The story of the Eleven Madison Park restaurant as portrayed in the documentary series 7 Days Out is not just an entertaining piece of media but also a showcasing of how innovation and technology can transform a business. The unique equipment and skills of employees presented in the episode convince the viewer of the importance of originality in any entrepreneurial setting.

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