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A non-fiction story that recreates and examines a “remembered event”

A Memoir is a non-fiction narrative that attempts make a point (thesis). In most cases, a Narrative Essay is autobiographical. A Memoir, is always autobiographical, and focuses on a “remembered event” from the author’s memory. In brainstorming for this essay, you will re-review a moment from your past, in which you experienced discrimination of some kind, and reinterpret the event, from the vantage point of present day. A Memoir or Narrative explores the chosen event, in an attempt to better understand who we are today, why we are who we are, and how we came to be who we are. Every day, you participate in creating your own narratives, through the social media feeds you create, the continuous stream of texts you send, and the conversations you engage in.

write a non-fiction story that recreates and examines a “remembered event” or significant moment with how another person, group of persons, or institution made you feel . While not required,