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A formal analysis paper includes not only a description of the work

Writing Assignment
One of the main objectives of this assignment is to stimulate you to look more critically at art. Visit a museum from the approved list. First step, you will choose three separate works of art that interest you. Then, you will choose any two-dimensional (painting, drawing, etc.) or a three dimensional (sculpture, installation) artwork that you will write about. A photograph is not an acceptable work for this assignment.

Formal Analysis:
This will be a formal analysis paper. A formal analysis paper includes not only a description of the work, but also more importantly an evaluation of the formal elements and design principles utilized by an artist in creating art. Choose artwork that has enough substance for you to write your essay.

Papers must include:
• Museum receipt
• Completed Worksheet Companion
• A photograph of you at the museum
• A photograph of the work you have chosen (if you are allowed to photograph it)

Please staple and submit them together with your museum paper. Remember that using outside sources without citing them is plagiarism, which is a violation of the rules concerning academic honesty, and will earn an automatic F. Your paper will be submitted to through our school site.

Be sure to use the Worksheet Companion to write down notes when you go to the museum. This worksheet must be completed and is part of your total possible points.

Your essay should contain the following sections:
Write a brief narrative of your visit to the museum, what museum did you choose? Whom did you attend with? What were your expectations of the museum visit?
Explore the museum
Find, three different works that you find interesting at the museum. Choose one that you don’t like. For each work, identify the artist, title, date, location, dimension, and medium of the work. For each work, explain what you liked or didn’t like about it. Out of these three works, choose one to write a formal analysis about. For the one work that you choose to write the formal analysis, you will fill out the worksheet companion for that work only.
Body of the Paper
In an organized, multiple main body paragraphs, discuss and analyze the artwork’s
form, subject manner/content. You will include the formal elements, use your worksheet companion to help you with this.
Describe your museum your experience overall.

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