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A Doll’s House play

A Doll’s House play
A Doll’s House Essay


· Single-space your header, including only name, course title, and date. 

· Double-space your assignment. 

· Use Times New Roman font. 

· If you choose the essay option: 
o Include an introduction with a thesis statement and no generalizations. 

o Include body paragraphs with evidence from the text and analysis of that evidence.

o Include a conclusion paragraph that re-states your argument and gestures to a larger conclusion.

o Use your close reading skills.

o Use parenthetical citations. No Works Cited list is required.

· 2-3 pages

Option One: (only choose one option–you don’t need to do both!)

Ibsen’s A Doll House portrays the final days of a marriage—even though, from the outside, that marriage is described as a “charmed life” (by Dr. Rank on p. 261). In a
thesis-based analytical essay that focuses on closely reading the play, explain why the Helmer marriage disintegrates and what social commentary is Ibsen making by
portraying the Hemler family in this way.

Option Two:

On p. 31, Nora attempts to convince Torvald not to fire Krogstad. Beginning with the line “Are you busy, Torvald?” at the top of p. 31, turn this scene into a short
story written from Torvald’s perspective. (You may choose where to end the story.)

Make sure to think deeply about the literary choices you’ll make. For instance:

· First person or third person? 

· Limited narration, omniscient narration, etc.? 

· How might Torvald interpret Nora’s actions in this scene? Or does he? 

· How might you craft an interior monologue that expresses Torvald’s perspective? 
Or Nora’s? 

· Try to avoid making Torvald out as an obvious bad guy—instead, see if you can 
make him sympathetic, even if you don’t agree with him. 

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