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a Designer Statement paper for final.

Paper details:
This is a Designer Statement paper for final.

The Designer Statement Revisited & The Collection StatementIn light of the research and progress made over the semester, we will revisit the long designer statements composed and revise them with the goal of condensing them into a succinct statement that is appropriate for publication on social media, websites and/or inclusion in other public relations material. We will then discuss drafting a collection statement and how to utilise components of the designer statement for this purpose. Finally, we will end this seminar by reflecting on the course with the following questions:• How has this project informed who we are as thinkers and makers?• How can the discoveries we have made over the course of the semester be applied to the way we think of – and portray – ourselves as artists and designers?• Where will we take our research in the context of our Senior Theses?• How might we use our Research Presentations in the future?• How could they be adjusted and developed for professional venues?

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