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A Day out with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I have always loved listening and watching the performances of Wolfgang Mozart. During the grand New Year festivities at Versailles, I was privileged to watch the young talented musician perform, alongside his sister before the sovereign. Wolfgang’s mastery of keyboard left me wondering how he has attained such expertise at a young age. I loved music and have always dreamed of learning how to play different instruments. Looking at Wolfgang perform confidently, I knew that I could learn a lot from him. Being near of the same age group, I wanted to spent time with him, at least to know his source of motivation and expertise in playing the piano and violin.

In trying to secure a date with him, I managed to get in touch with him through his dad. When he confirmed our meeting at the Church in Versailles, I knew my dreams of becoming an acclaimed artist would become a reality. My aim was to learn from Wolfgang, by listening to his story and implementing his strategies to advance my skills and expertise in music.

The day began with an informal discussion that saw Wolfgang share with me the details of his life. I learned that his home town was Salzburg, and that he was on a trip with his family to make his music known (“Wolfgang Mozart”). Wolfgang and his family first relocated to Munich and Vienna with the goal of performing many concerts in the region to gain popularity. While he did not take part in any concert in Munich, he gave a concert in the house of count Wilczek and Schonbrunn palace in Vienna.

Mozart has visited many places and performed to different audiences. His personality strongly reflects his experiences during the trips (Riding). Even though I am slightly older than him, I definitely know he is my mentor. His precocious knowledge of the world and his extraordinary skills in music makes him an outstanding artist. He said that he attained the title of a child prodigy due to his exceptional performances that matched an adult expert. Despite his undisputed talent, there was also something very immature in his manner (Kivy 250). Nevertheless, as the discussions progressed, I knew I was going to learn more from the talented artist.

Then, he began sharing some tips on piano and violin playing.  I learned that his music prowess was a result of the teaching he received from his dad. He did not go to any school. According to him, learning and acquiring new skills required motivation and the zeal to explore new things. To break the monotony of the music lesson, we engaged in a wordplay game. It was one of Wolfgang’s favorite indoor games. He said that in future he might even write riddles himself and let his friends solve them (Deutsch 265). Apart from achieving maximum relaxation, he enjoyed engaging the brain in any play, thus the high interest in wordplay games.

Time elapsed and we had to part ways. Wolfgang was not only a good artist but he also proved to me that he could be a good teacher of music. From him, I learned that learning music techniques required self-motivation and guidance from an experienced person. This conviction has been my guide in the journey towards becoming an artist. I am not just able to play the piano and violin, but I am also capable of writing my compositions thanks to the motivation and inspiration I received from Wolfgang.

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