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A critique of tourism policy and planning in Mauritius

A critique of tourism policy and planning in Mauritius
Order Description
Try to imagine that your report is to be presented to a team of experts who are compiling a global report on tourism policy trends and effectiveness. Expected to show an in depth critical awareness of the issues around policy and planning in the specific case study(Mauritius) and relate the case study to the wider debates about tourism policy and planning.
Make recommendations.

Central question of the report = ‘Do the plans and policies set up in your case study country effectively address the issues and problems faced by the countries tourism?’.
Use of report format, harvard referencing, range and quality of sources, critical content, relevant material, logic, clarity.

Indicate main issues faced by the country’s tourism and assess extent to which policy is addressing those issues. What are the main policy goals? Is implementation effective? What have been the main achievements of tourism policy & planning to date? what institutions are responsible for formulating policy and executing planning decisions? what are the barriers to success?
The report must focus more explicitly upon a critical appraisal of the policy.
Use government/official websites too.

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