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A Balanced Scorecard Project

Student groups will be required to prepare and present the following:

1) A Balanced Scorecard for an organization of their choosing.

a. Choose a company and provide a brief background about the company and why you chose to

present this.

b. Develop and prepare a formal BSC for this company. For each of the 4 major areas there

should be a minimum of 3 objectives with appropriate measures for each.

c. Prepare a detailed explanation of each objective/measure that fully justifies its inclusion in the


d. Prepare at least 2 strategy maps to illustrate the reasoning behind your chosen objectives and


Create a balanced scorecard for your chosen company. Link your scorecard measures

using the framework from the exhibits in your text. Indicate whether each measure is

expected to increase or decrease. Feel free to create measures that may not be specifically

mentioned in the chapter, but make sense given the strategic goals of your Company.

2. What hypotheses are built into the balanced scorecard for your Company? Which of these

hypotheses do you believe are most questionable and why?

3. Discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of implementing internal business

process measures for your company. Would you recommend using this measure in your

Company’s balanced scorecard?

4. How beneficial would it be to “drill down” the measurements of the balanced scorecard

to each segment of your company? Would the metrics you developed apply to all

segments of your Company? Why or why not?

Number of pages: maximum 5
References: 5



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