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5 Year Growth Plan

In this assignment, you will compose a 5-year plan for personal growth. This plan will be composed of 2 sections.
Section 1: Mastering the Calendar
This section must lay out your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly plans. It must include your plans for daily quiet time, Bible study, book readings, retreats, classes, family time, recreation, personal fitness, etc.
If it is helpful, you may begin each part of this section with the statement: “I plan to…” and then lay out the steps you will take in order to accomplish your goals. For example:
• Every year, I plan to:
• Every month, I plan to:
• Every week, I plan to:
• Every day, I plan to:
Section 2: Mastering Biblical Content
In this section, you will lay out what biblical content you intend to master in the next 5 years. In order to do this, you will compile a list of 10 books and 70 Scripture verses to be mastered over the next 5-year period.
The books you intend to read must be listed by title and include the name of the author. You must also provide a logical explanation for mastering each of these books. You may only include 3 course textbooks. A successful reading plan will demonstrate a breadth of content and authorship.