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348SAM – Portfolio Question Two/ What is a ‘breaching experiment’ (Garfinkel)?

348SAM – Portfolio Question Two/ What is a ‘breaching experiment’ (Garfinkel)?
What is a ‘breaching experiment’ (Garfinkel)? After you have read and understood how these experiements work consider how an understanding of them might be helpful to a manager. You should also discuss the difficulties in breaking out of patterns of behaviour and conversation once they have become a historical part of a relationship and what alternatives are open to anyone wishing to shift perceptions that others might have of them.
Additional Notes:
1. To support this task you can experiment by becoming a stranger in your own house in order to observe how this challenges the taken-for-granted assumptions of your room-mates, friends, partner etc. You should also consider how this challenges you to think about your relationship with those closest to you. For a short time e.g. ten or fifteen minutes (and please stop earlier if your actions cause any kind of distress) change your normal pattern of behaviour. Don’t do the things you normally do and question everything that might normally be taken for granted in the relationship. You might sit in a different chair to normal or watch a different programme on the television. Questions like ‘What do you mean?’ and ‘Please explain’ are often useful in these types of situation.
2. Chapter 1 of Burr provides a useful starting point to the academic discussion.
Resources and links are also provided through moodle.

*Use academic referencing to support your answers

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