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3-D Imaging In Construction Industry

3-D Imaging In Construction Industry

Discuss two significant technologies that are developed in the area of 3D imaging. This should include descriptions of key novel methods/technologies, their potential applications, current performance, and barriers to their widespread application in CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. (700-800 words)

To write your report, we are required to use the formatting that is permitted as detailed below and shown in the Styles list (see Styles section in the Home banner). This will ensure that everybody hands-in a similar document and that all those documents can be neatly put together.

MS Word (2010 and above) for Windows is the preferred editor to be used to prepare your report. However, this template should work with MS Word for Mac as well.

To apply a Style, you must first type the text (e.g. in the default Normal style), then select it, and finally apply the style by selecting it in the Styles list. In the rest of this document, each style is shown in brackets “[…]” the first time it is applied.

If you experience any issue with the formatting

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Note that, like in any other scientific work, it is important to make proper references. Please use “(Lastname, Year)” citation formatting. Then, all references go at the end of your document in the section References (see below).