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20th Century Music

20th Century Music
Choose two styles or “isms” from the list below and do some brief research on each. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of websites that have a brief history and background of these musical styles, and will include compositions that represent that particular style (for example, if you Google “Expressionism”, you’re bound to find several hundred websites that recommend that you listen to Schoenberg’s “Pierrot Lunaire” or some other representative composition. At any rate, you should fine a piece of music exemplifying each of the two styles you’ve chosen. You can easily find your piece in the Naxos Music Library (Username: schoolcr33 and Password: bradkliff).

Compose a well-developed paragraph about each piece of music. Your paragraphs should include one sentence identifying the name of the piece, the composer, and the style of music it represents; one or two sentences about the history and background of that style; one or two sentences describing the technical elements of that style; and two sentences describing what you hear in this piece (you might want to review Module 2 for a refresher). You MUST include the link to your piece so that I can listen and respond to your work.
•Musique Concrete.
•Electronic music.

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