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Monthly Archives: November 2021

Expanding Access to Care: Scope of Practice Laws

Considering the recent paradigm shift in healthcare, discuss this movement and its implications for competition.
How can changing the prescribed privileges of a provider affect competition? What benefits and challenges
exist as a result of expanding the scope of practice for a clinician? Considering this new entry into the market,
is this type of competition considered disruptive innovation? Why or why not?
Preferred language style Simple US English(Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)

Australia’s reaction on “Drugs”

Intro- include Theme, Topic Question, Argument, Method, and definition of Moral Panic by “Goode and BenYehuda” & “Stanley Cohen”. Introduce the 5 characteristics of moral panic (Concern, Hostility, Consensus,
Disproportion, Volatility.)
Each Body must have a Topic Sentence, Evidence or Example, Explain or Analyse.
1st Body – Concern of drugs in Australia
2nd Body – Hostility of drugs in Australia
3rd Body – Consensus of drugs in Australia
4th Body – Disproportion of drugs in Australia
5th Body – Volatility of drugs in Australia
Conclusion – restate argument and each body

Understanding the World Today

Describe how media have shaped the way people interact with and understand the world they live in.
Discuss why it is important to study media and culture. Use specific examples to support your answer.
Your paper must be based on material covered in this class. Do not write a generic analysis of some random
topic related to media. Your paper should specifically address 1) the relationship between media and culture
throughout history and up to the present-day and 2) why it’s important to study media and culture.
It should include an introduction which engages the reader, expresses your perspective on the value of
studying media and culture and previews your main points (one paragraph). It should also include a discussion
section, which addresses the questions posted above (3-3.5 pages), and a conclusion which reinforces your
perspective on media and culture, reviews your main points and leaves the reader with something compelling
to think about (one paragraph) .


It is 1901. Alicia Smithfield, daughter of the founder of Smithfield Custom Furniture, just inherited the company. Sh
Headquartered in upstate New York, the company has grown significantly over the past 60 years. Began in a she
developed a huge following among New York City’s wealthiest residents.
After being educated in the best business schools in Europe and America, Alicia has run the business side-by-sid
were many issues confronting the business, a tree being felled took an unexpected route and brought Jonas’ life t
The company had just moved to a facility large enough to house its workers: 10 carpenters; 5 furniture designers;
operators to assist with the various equipment needed to cut the wood into various designs, polish and sand the w
that transported wood from upstate New York and Canada to the work area in good repair; 15 lumberjacks who cu
the rugged highway by truck; and 5 office personnel who assisted with filing, invoicing, drafting and responding to
other necessary office functions. More than half of these employees were hired in the past 5 years.
Alicia’s Big Issues
The major issues confronting Alicia Smithfield are these:
(1) The furniture manufacturing functions are very disorganized. It is not clear how to best organize these function
method to complete all of their tasks.
(2) The production schedule is a mess. It is not clear which projects should be completed first in order to ensure p
(3) The lumberjacks, both in cutting trees down and shipping them by truck or boat, differ on the best methods to
(4) Tempers are flaring as a result of the disorganization. The office, clerical, and support workers are rude to eac
(5) While the company is financially successful, as it has grown from a small family-owned business to a large an
pace. Few formal rules exist and the keeping and maintenance of records are haphazard.
(6) Employees are feeling overworked and losing satisfaction in the work they are doing. They believe their basic
Alicia’s Proposed Issue Solutions
Alicia Smithfield is familiar with the writings and contributions of each of the contributors to management theory yo
from the readings to solve each of the issues listed above. But, she is unclear as to which individuals in the readin
Your Task for Your Initial Post
You are to answer for Alicia Smithfield any four (4) of the above mentioned six (6) issues. Specifically, she has as
issues confronting her. You have been requested to explain to Alicia why you selected the four consultants you ch
consultant will solve one of the four issues you identified that particular consultant to address. You should explain
that contribution/idea applies to the specific issue you have recommended that person solve. You should identify t
Note: You may not use any of the individuals in the readings to solve more than one of the four (4) issues. In the e
inconvenience stand in your way. You may still use that individual to solve a specific issue.
For research associated with this discussion, you must use course materials only. You must provide APA formatte
you select.

Lawrence Boadts “Reading the Old Testament”

According to p.130 in Lawrence Boadts “Reading the Old Testament”, “The stories in Genesis 1-11 certainly
disturb the modern historian.” Why?

The way architecture was conceived in the second half of the 19th century

Towering structures made of steel and iron completely changed the way architecture was conceived in the second half of the 19th century. The skyscraper, as it came to be known, was born out of a desire for greater economy as well as to reduce fire hazards, not to mention maximize limited real estate.

Compare four (4) structures that reflect the idea and ingenuity of new architectural material that allowed the building of these towers; your dates are restricted between 1865 and 1935.

Compare these structures and the cultures/geographic areas that produced them, being sure to discuss how they are a product of their time, art/design movement, and the significance they had in influencing other architecture/architects.

Anti-Tax Avoidance Laws

Effect of Anti-Tax Avoidance Laws on the Location of Patent Ownership and Research and Development Activities in Multinational Corporations

The impact of the COVID on the economy of the UAE

o Further impact of the US economy on the UAE is assessed

o How can the finding in Chapter-4 be used across the industry/ country?
o In the UAE, across the UAE? How can those result be used?
o A policy level recommendation could be kept in this chapter
o What can other countries in the region from the findings of this study?

• Comparison with other previous findings

The findings of this study are compared with other similar kinds of research; differences or similarities are laid and explained.

• Recommendations for future research
Suggestions are kept for upcoming future researchers
o Comparison with oil export countries like Saudi Arabia
o Data collection and empirical analysis to see the impact of green technologies, public debt, budget status, interest rate on the economy of the UAE.
o Analyze the impact of the COVID on the economy of the UAE and other oil exporting countries

Developing an intrapreneurial culture

Review and critique the principles with a focus on the following:

Are the suggested principles an adequate foundation for an intrapreneurial focused culture?
Must all organization departments adopt these principles as cultural norms?
Are operating silos a significant barrier to implementing the suggested principles?
Would you add anything to or remove anything from the suggested principles?
Offer a link to a video or an article that provides additional information about developing an intrapreneurial culture.

**I do not have the book please give to someone who has the book**
Anand, C. (2019). The greenhouse approach: Cultivating intrapreneurship in companies and organizations. Dundurn.

Part 2: The Model
Chapter 6: The Seven Guiding Principles
Chapter 7: Relevance
Chapter 8: Creativity
Chapter 9: Speed
Chapter 10: Clarity
Chapter 11: Accountability
Chapter 12: Experimentation
Chapter 13: Execution
The full-text version of this ebook is available through VitalSource. This book is a comprehensive text on intrapreneurship in companies and organizations. Chapters six through 13 discuss the guiding principles of intrapreneurship, and they will assist you in your Adaption Theory of Business discussion forum, Seven Guiding Principles discussion forum, and EI Games Presentation Skills Course: Understanding Personality Profiles assignment this week.

American Media

Using the question(s) Baran posed as a springboard, consider the following:

Do American Media offer girls &/or women too few – or, perhaps too many – examples of healthy beauty??? Explain and support your answer. ( Please explain in your own words, and do not use any resource from the internet. You should take a look at the files. )