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Monthly Archives: September 2018

The Welfare of Children in Florida

Describe the most important issues that policy makers should address on behalf of children in Florida.

Explain the political concerns that may promote or inhibit these issues from being addressed in Florida.

Taxation & Regulation of California Businesses

What taxation and regulation govern businesses in China?

Explain the business and taxation regulations that busineses have to follow in California and compare it with China.

Loss of Contingency Accounting

Apply the major concepts of accounting for contingencies pursuant to the guidance in ASC 450, Contingencies.

Social Media

Analyze the main effects of social media on the society.


Discuss how Sign work.

Discuss the use of the symbolic Monster.

Analysis of what the symbolic monster(s) signifies to the text.

Effects of Culture on Patient Results

Discuss the culture of an organization, and explain:

How it impacts the quality of patient care.

How it impacts staff satisfaction.

Identify strategies that you, as a nurse leader, would implement to enhance the trust in your current organization or on your unit, citing appropriate reasons.

Holistic Marketing Practices

Select the marketing practices of your selected organisation that are consistent With the holistic marketing concept and those that are inconsistent-
Do you feel that the holistic marketing concept is an appropriate organisational philosophy to guide this organisation’s marketing efforts? Provide specific reasons why or why not-
What changes would you recommend be made in the organisation’s marketing practices to improve performance? Be sure to provide your rationale for each change-

Accounting Analysis and Valuation

1- Using the method of comparable, perform a valuation of Apple Inc- (AAPL)- Based on your valuation, what trading strategy would you recommend? Justify your decision-
A- Use the financial database WRDS to collet flrm’s accounting information and stock prices-
B- Use the following comparable firms: Microsoft Corp (MSFT) and IBM Corporation (IBM)
C- Calculate the following comparison: price – earnings ratio (PIE), The price – to – book ratio (P18), and the pr ice-to- sales ratio (PIS)
D- Use data from the last five years available (e-g- 2013 – 2017)
2- Discuss the merits and limitations of using the method of comparable as valuation methods-

The Future Leaders

In the 2010 Huston’s brief, the author outlines several leadership competencies that EVERY nurse leader will need for 2020. That year is not too far in the future, is it?

Pick one of the eight leadership competencies Huston described and relate it to your own leadership of nurses and nursing.
Describe how the BSN-prepared nurse can assist a nurse leader in the budgeting process by contributing data readily available to the staff nurse.
Huston, C. (2010). What skills will the nurse leaders of 2020 need? (2010). Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, 16(6), 14–15.

Sustainability Fraking Technologies

Analyse the main outcomes of COP21 Paris.

Explain whether COP21 Paris should be considered, or not, the starting point for new sustainability policies/actions.

Research in the literature articles related to the financial incentives existing for sustainability measures in any sector and any country. Provide links to 4-5 articles and reference them using the Harvard format.

Discuss the emergence of fracking technologies in the world.