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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Case study: Furnishing and Experience


Walk into a Jordan’s Furniture store on a Saturday afternoon. If you have the time, you can watch the latest 3-D IMAX movie before you pick out your new sofa. This might sound like a crazy in-store activity for a furniture store, but events like this are what drive sales at Jordan’s Furniture stores in the Boston area. The company’s slogan, “not just a store . . . an experience,” keeps customers coming every day.

Jordan’s calls their store strategy “shopper-tainment.” Every location offers food, music, shows, and plenty of surprises. The store in Natick, Massachusetts, provides a marketscape theme by recreating New Orleans Bourbon Street, complete with live Jazz.

Jordan’s has been successful with their strategy. When the company was purchased by Berkshire Hathaway in 1999, the New York Times reported that Jordan’s sold more furniture per square foot than any company in the United States. Their annual revenue was reported as $250 million.

The furniture market is substantial with approximately $60 billion in annual sales. Furniture stores, including Jordan’s, still account for most furniture sales, but mass merchandisers (e.g., Target and Walmart), home improvement stores (e.g., Home Depot and Lowes), and warehouse clubs (e.g., Costco and BJ’s) are becoming an increasing threat. In a survey by Mintel, 38 percent of those surveyed had purchased furniture at a mass merchandiser and 28 percent had purchased furniture at a home improvement store. If furniture retailers want to stay competitive, they will need to work hard on drawing people into their stores.

What else do customers want? According to Mintel, they want to buy their furniture on sale. Jordan’s runs sales regularly and is also known for some unusual promotions. In a recent television ad, Jordan’s Furniture president and CEO Eliot Tatelman appeared with former Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez and announced the following promotion:

“Buy anything . . . ANYTHING . . . at Jordan’s Furniture starting today and it could all be FREE if the Red Sox pitch a perfect game between July 19, 2013 and September 29, 2013.”

As Jordan’s continues to be innovative in their store atmosphere and promotions, other furniture retailers are also creating innovative products and shopping experiences. IKEA, a major furniture retailer, offers a shopping experience that is fun and engaging. Crate and Barrel has just launched a 3-D room design tool in their stores. With this tool, customers can upload a photo of a room to their 3-D screen and try on different Crate and Barrel merchandise.

If you find yourself in the Boston area in the near future, consider visiting the Avon location of Jordan’s Furniture. That location’s Motion Odyssey Movie Ride (MOM) will bring you the 4-D thrills of a major theme park ride. After the ride, you just might want to pick up a new desk for your room.

1 Evaluate the shopping experience at Jordan’s. Why is it so successful?

2 If Jordan’s were building a new location near colleges, what might they include in their stores to draw young customers?

3 How has Jordan’s used the brand community around the Boston Red Sox to its’ advantage? What other communities could it use?

Competencies Dealing with People, which ones are they and why do you think they are most important?

Competencies Dealing with People, which ones are they and why do you think they

are most important?

Texas History Discussion Board

After reading Chapters 1 and 2 and reviewing some web sites, respond to one of these two items:

What do you feel are the strongest influences of Spanish culture in Texas culture past and present? What contribution did the Spanish make to settlements in Texas?
What Texas Indian tribes were present in Texas at the time of colonization that are still present today? What tribes were you surprised to find that were located in Texas? How did the presence of those tribes affect settlement and colonization by Americans and Europeans?
Be specific in your details. Give examples.
Use your own words. You can paraphrase briefly, but give credit where credit is due.
Summarize your reading briefly and be sure to cite the source.
Write any reflection you might have on what you learned.
You will be required to write a minimum of 200 words for your discussion answer

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threat, Trends (SWOTT)

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to help students learn how a well-written Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threat, Trends (SWOTT) analysis should be a critical tool utilized in analyzing marketing information before launching a new product. Students will also learn how a SWOTT analysis may be employed to uncover competitive advantages to gain advantage in the market.

Assignment Steps

Scenario: As a professional marketing consultant; you have been hired to help a company launch a new product in their industry. Your objective throughout this assignment is to develop and to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the selected industry, and create value for the target market.

Develop a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis completing an industry and competitive analysis for your client.

Create a new product or service to be offered by a company (either an existing firm or a start-up company) in one of the following industries:

Office supply products
Outdoor recreation
Fast food restaurant
Attach the 8- to 10-question survey to be used for primary market research with the completed analysis.

Include the following in your analysis:

A detailed description of the new product or service offering.
Determine market needs (justification for your choice of product).
Review past market history and estimate future growth potential.
Analyze the company’s strengths and weaknesses. List external opportunities, threats, and any possible trends.
Analyze potential competition for the new product.
Write a detailed overview of the competitive landscape.
Assess the competition’s strengths and weaknesses.
Draft a brief survey (8-10 questions) that may be used for primary market research. Questions should collect primary data about the target market to help you develop a branding and marketing communications plan.
Your paper must consist of the 8 (eight) titled sections listed above. Let ‘numbers’ and factual research drive and support your analysis and conclusions. You must also include an Introduction and a conclusion titled section to the five sections listed above, for a total 9 (nine) titled sections.

Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Who Is Gilgamesh

Who is Gilgamesh

writes a 2-page mini-research paper summarizing the research found and explaining how it relates to the text.

The mini-research paper

• should be at least 500 words (that’s approx. 2 pages)

• should use and cite (correctly, in MLA style) at least 2 scholarly sources. You can also use more general sources (such as encyclopedias) in addition.

• is an individual work, though collaborate and keep in touch with your group about topics and the progress of your research

• is due on the day of your group’s presentation