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Writing about short stories

Interpreting stories takes the same kind of writing as any academic argument paper does: you have to develop and state a thesis. In this essay, your thesis should be an original interpretation of texts. Remember that critical analysis concentrates on not just what the story is about (its plot and characters etc.), but how it works, what kinds of statements it is making, etc. In addition to making an argument, you will also have to provide convincing support using the texts themselves.

The Prompt:
Consider all of the stories we have read in the course. Select two stories of your choice, and write an essay with a thesis that answers ONE or ALL the following questions:
• What shared theme do the two stories have? In what way do they handle a topic that you have selected? What kind of a theme is being presented for the topic by the two texts you are considering? What values do the stories endorse or critique? How do they accomplish this? Please be specific and use methods/elements of fiction to build your argument.

There are many different ways you may approach this assignment. For example, you may want to choose two stories that work in fairly the same way or two that describe the same topic in vastly different ways. In other words, this could be a paper that compares and contrasts two texts to some degree, but remember that it has to have a unifying thesis

legal aspects of oil and gas management

With respect to the quotation above, evaluate the function and aims of
stabilisation clauses and comment on how they seek to achieve the
stability that parties’ desire.
“Concerned of any future policy reversal measure that may put at risk
the terms of investment agreements, investors in the oil sector often
seek guarantee, contractual or otherwise. The need to address such
fears thus saw the proliferation of stabilisation clauses in oil and gas
contracts. These clauses are believed to maintain the stability of the
terms that were originally agreed upon. In particular, the fiscal regime
aspect of the agreement is at the heart of such clauses.”

Business and Commercial Awareness – Referred/Deferred Coursework

ANSWER ALL 5 QUESTIONS – the marks for each question are indicated.

This case is based on which is an internet company which sells physical DVD/BlueRay films, downloads of films over the internet and e-books. The company operates out of the Channel Islands, Great Britain where the tax rates are lower. It exports to anywhere in the world, though its principal market is the UK and the USA. The company has experienced a drop in sales in its physical DVD/BlueRay area though the sales of other products seem to be holding up in a period of increasing competition. You have been asked by the managing director of (William Stillspike) to discuss the problem with himself and the head of the DVD/BlueRay department (Tina Tarot), with a view to developing a new business venture to supplement the falling income.

Q1. (8 marks) Do a stakeholder analysis for your investigative study. Restrict your analysis to no more than 10 of the most important stakeholders.

William and Tina have identified that there are a number of causes for the decline in sales….competitors are cheaper, there is a restricted range of DVDs and BlueRay discs compared to other on-line DVD/BlueRay businesses, long delivery times, high postage rates, limited stock levels for popular items etc. These causes may be useful to you as you identify a range of new opportunities to supplement the falling income.

Q2. (7 marks) Brainstorm at least 20 wide-ranging investment opportunities.

Draw a fishbone (solution-effect) diagram to categorise your possible investments.

Explain how you would use this diagram to direct your investment investigations further.

Tina Tarot has obtained customer data about her DVD/BlueRay department which is reproduced below.

Month Jan
‘15 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
‘16 Feb Mar Apr
Sales £k 360 356 345 340 335 350 340 335 350 370 380 370 355 320 310 315
Costs £k 300 290 295 280 280 305 300 280 300 305 325 310 305 275 270 280

Q3. (9 marks) Use the above data in whatever way you feel suitable to draw conclusions about the scale of the decline in trade for the DVD/BlueRay department of and the level of income which the new investment must replace. Note: the new venture must exceed the average profit margin that is currently being achieved and Tina would like to know what that level needs to be.

Q4. (16 marks) Generate three possible investment opportunities and draw up a Solution Matrix. Justify your allocation of scores.

Q5. (60 marks) Write a 1500 word essay with the title shown below. The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate your knowledge of the theory of business, and to show that you have reflected on this theory, with particular reference to the link between theory and practice.

You should include an essay plan at the start of your essay. This is a separate piece of work from your essay. It can be a brainstorm, mind-map, spider diagram – whatever you feel is appropriate.

In your essay you must reference the sources from which you have drawn your views using full Harvard referencing

Management VBD report

The CEO of your VBD organization has concluded that corrective action is neccesary to improve customer satisfaction. As a member of the management team, how do you go about taking the corrective action
Your task is to write a report where you:
 Analyse and identify the most critical underlying cause(s) to the chosen organisational problem. You should aim to analyse TWO (2) underlying causes.
 Use any of the management theories, tools or framework from the topics covered


2.0. Analysis of the Problem

This section presents the analysis of the issue of reduced customer satisfaction. The underlying causes of the reduced level of customer satisfaction are presented using the principles and concepts of the functions of management.
2.1. Problem Identification
The major underlying cause of the reduced level of customer satisfaction is the failure by the organization to incorporate e-business strategy in their operations. It is reported that the expectations of the customers is largely influenced by the changes on the environment (Grigoroudis, Tsitsiridi & Zopounidis, 2013). According to Safeena and Date (2015) the advancement in information technology has led to the changes within the banking sector that every service provider needs to comply with to meet the expectation of the customers. The failure by the management to set in place scenario plans that takes into considerations the changes in business environment led to their inability to improve the quality of their services thus leading to reduced customer satisfaction.
The poor organization of the activities and systems within the organization also contributed to the reduced level of customer satisfaction that has been reported. The workflows, systems of tasks, and the communication channels are complex in nature such that the customers are kept for longer period before receiving the services (El Saghier & Nathan, 2013). The bureaucratic organizational structure that is adopted by the company has a highly centralized authority, many rules and procedures, and specialized tasks that can only be handled by specific employees (Munari, Ielasi & Bajetta, 2013). Vital decisions that concerns the queries raised by the customers can only be addressed by the top managers. In addition, every staff is only allowed to handle a particular task and not any other regardless of the workload present. As such, the customers have failed to receive quality services on time and at their convenience leading to their dissatisfaction with the services offered by the company.
2.2. The Underlying Causes of the Organizational Problem
The bureaucratic organizational structure is not suitable in cases where constant decisions are to respond to the customer queries and complaints. According to Kaura (2013) the centralized nature of authority as observed in this structure, and the numerous rules and regulations that one has to follow when making decisions, makes it a challenge when the employees needs to offer comprehensive information to the customers. ……………………………………….

Approaches to leadership relevant within diverse culture

Assessment Task:

1 Select two cultures from which employees could come; compare and contrast the leadership issues related to these cultures
2 Discuss changes required in leadership practices resulting from two different organisational cultures.
The most eminent cultures in the global market include the western and the Eastern cultures. The difference in culture of the two groups of individuals is based on the national, cultural, socio-cultural variables, and attitudes. The western culture is characterized with a high level of individualism while the individuals from the East embrace collectivism. The eastern culture are more family centric than the Western culture where the self is given more worth over the family. The west are also considered to be analytical and detailed in their problem-solving process as opposed to those from the East that are regarded to be holistic and will offer an all-inclusive solution to any problem arising within the organization…………………………………………………………

Perspectives of leadership within hierarchical levels and situation

Select a company and discuss from two (2) perspectives the leadership at lower, middle and senior management.

Your discussion/ analysis should cover
a) Effectiveness of each perspective
b) The style of leadership related to that perspective
c) The use of power in the organisation at each level


Global Societal Issue

Write: For this discussion, you will address the following prompts:

Identify the global societal issue you have chosen to research for your Final Argumentative Essay and explain why further research on this topic is important. (Minimum Wage)

Provide a clear and concise thesis statement that includes a solution to the global societal issue.

Explain how this global societal issue impacts a specific population.

Locate a peer-reviewed scholarly source and provide statistical data that you found surprising on the topic.

Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length, which should include a thorough response to each prompt. You are required to provide in-text citations of applicable required reading materials and/or any other outside sources you use to support your claims. Provide full reference information of all sources cited at the end of your response. Please use correct APA format.

Reflective and critical writing about leadership in schools

I need to write about my learning experience and leadership skills gained during the past 6 months course. I have all the ideas and resources needed but not the time and patience to write it, especially the reflective part. It needs to be a 5000 words long and done by 14 July, help

Is Media Beneficial to the Society

Media is both detrimental and beneficial to the society depending on the perspective you take. At, we can argue this out and make you score the best grades. Why wait? Place your order.

Sociology Essay

Sociology: identify a peripheral/ semi peripheral country of your choosing and examine the factors which have influenced it’s development with reference to theories of development e.g. world systems theory