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Financial Reporting & Management Accounting

Both companies are among the top companies in their area in Europe and worldwide in terms of
footprint, turnover, profits, technological advance and innovative products and services despite the
recession by reinvesting their profits and focus on long term growth. Both of them are always ‘on
the way’ and constantly see possibilities to improve for the future through a healthy competitive
However, each of them for different business reasons had to face and cope with a severe financial
crisis quite recently. In their effort to steadily apply the strategy “value for money” to their
customers and satisfy them with innovative applications in their sectors, they have not succeeded
to offer the desired products/ services based on the customer’s expectations and satisfy them with
innovative applications in their sectors. Therefore, both have launched extensive crisis
programmes for a lower cost structure at their companies, where the main focus is to have a quick
recovery the sooner the better.
Sources taken from Annual Summaries that both companies release every quarter, both of
them are listed in Stock Markets and numerous web sites and Press Release Sources.
Please start up by consulting a number of related books and articles on financial reporting and
managerial accounting/costing in your library and the electronic folder of your pack. List the
desirable characteristics of financial reports as outlined in such books and articles. Examine the
annual reports of SAMSUNG or VOLKSWAGEN CORPORATIONS with all the financial
statements included (at least 3 financial years per company) towards the following points:
1. Examine these reports and then make the appropriate financial assessment on it to see how
far in your view it appears to contain the desirable characteristics of financial reports as outlined in
the textbooks. (You must show all workings, that is to analyze the financial performance and risk
position of these companies as disclosed by its financial statements and explain ratios calculated
for at least 3 financial years per company and make and comparison between the years before and
after the crisis with the respective detailed analysis). (50% of the total mark)
2. Given the focus of SAMSUNG or VOLKSWAGEN CORPORATIONS on the customer, the drive
to reduce costs and “value for money” concept and quick recovery plans, technological innovations
with huge investments regarding future and always “looking forward” and the emphasis on
“customers and suppliers” working together to overcome the crisis, You are required to:
Discuss, using relevant academic literature to support your arguments, the potential for using
strategic management accounting/costing concepts and techniques to help promote and facilitate
SAP or VOLKSWAGEN CORPORATIONS ambitions for the future with a comparison with similar
companies such as (APPLE for SAMSUNG or BMW for VOLKSWAGEN for example).Prepare a
written report on your findings and present them on your assignment and provide a practical
example on a specific area regarding their accounting and financial implications. (50% of the total

Programming research paper

You are only allowed to select one single topic below and to condense what you find out into a small report of around 500 words. Include a list of references showing where you found this information (not part of the word count). (7 marks)
You then need to try to apply your understanding to your own program, making changes by writing additional material to illustrate that you understand(8 marks). You need to clearly identify what changes you have made and why those changes were necessary.(5 marks).

1. Using Graphical User Interfaces – Good Practice. What guidelines can you find about good use of colour, Text and Positioning in a GUI. Try to look at a number of sources. Keywords: GUI, color colour, Text, Positioning, good practice, Assistive technologies.
start at:

2.[harder] Persistence in Python. Using a database: How are values stored to databases using python? If you decide to use this option, a program is available to change your own data into appropriate sql ‘insert’ statements for mysql or SQLlite (attached). You might alternatively look at Pickle and Shelve in Python.

3. Developing test schedules:- how do you know a system works? – developing automated tests. (look at for example). What kinds of testing are there?

4. Writing requirements and specifications: What is normally included in the requirements for a system? Your own program for instance is analysing the contents of a data file, but what is the correct way to write the requirements and specifications?

5. Using version control systems such as Git.

Processing Programming Language

In this assignment you will build on your simple Kuru Country game, adding the basic movement logic.

Part 1 (25 marks)

Most useful module is conditionals

Have Fizzy bounce as she hits a wall. Fizzy will always bounce back in the opposite direction she was travelling. When Fizzy reaches a wall, she will change her direction of movement and she will change the direction she is pointing as well. One quarter of the marks for this section are for changing direction of movement, another quarter for changing the direction she is pointing. Fizzy must always point the direction that she is moving if you are to get these marks. An example will be posted in the class forums.

The second half of the marks for this part are for having Fizzy respond to user input as well. When the user presses ‘w’, Fizzy should turn and move up, ‘a’ will make Fizzy turn and move left, ‘s’ will turn fizzy to face down the screen and ‘d’ will make Fizzy move right. Thus Fizzy will now be able to move in four separate directions controlled by the ‘w’, ‘s’, ‘a’, and ‘d’ keys.

Part 2 (25 marks)

Most usefull module is loops

Draw a grid of “poles” on the screen. These poles are drawn as dots since we are looking at the screen from the top down. In the original game, Fizzy would swing around these poles. In our version, they are just for decoration unless you extend your program somehow. On your 810 by 810 screen you should draw poles every 90 pixels, starting 90 pixels from the border. An example will be posted in the class forums.

Part 3 (25 marks)

Most useful module is functions

Move the code that draws Fizzy into a function of its own. The function should have the following signature:

int x The x co-ordinate of the position to draw (the center of) Fizzy at.
int y The y co-ordinate of the position to draw (the center of) Fizzy at.
int rot The angle (in degrees) of spin to draw Fizzy at. This function will accept any integer but only draws fizzy at 4 rotations, 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees, all other values can be ignored.
void drawFizzy(int x, int y, int rot){…..}
Your function must have the signature above.

Part 4 (25 marks)

Most useful module is arrays and strings

In this part we will have Fizzy reveal a pattern of rupees. The position of the rupees is set from the start but they are hidden until Fizzy walks/swims over them. You should store a number of arrays to represent the x position, y position and status (hidden or revealed) of each rupee. When the program starts, the rupees are all hidden in a heart pattern, an example will be posed in the class forums. As Fizzy walks over a hidden rupee, it becomes visible. That rupee will stay visible if Fizzy walks over it again at any point.

Fizzy must walk over the rupees, not under them. This means that rupees should never obscure Fizzy. Rupees should be a square centered between the poles with 40 pixel long sides. Rupees should be green. It might be useful to show hidden rupees during development but make sure they are not visible unless they have been walked over in your submitted code.

Fizzy Design Code:
int x;
int y;
int w;
int h;
int eye_w;
int eye_h;
int pupil_w;
int pupil_h;
int v;

public void setup(){
w = 50;
h = 50;
eye_w = 20;
eye_h = 25;
pupil_w = 10;
pupil_h = 15;
x = width/2;
y = h/2;
v = 2;

public void draw(){

// draw fizzy
ellipse(x, y, w, h);
ellipse(x – w/8, y + h/8, eye_w, eye_h);
ellipse(x + w/8, y + h/8, eye_w, eye_h);
ellipse(x – w/8, y + h/4, pupil_w, pupil_h);
ellipse(x + w/8, y + h/4, pupil_w, pupil_h);
color(255, 0, 0);

// animate
y = (y + v)%height;

case study solve with IRAC method

Johnny has decided to add a new range of pasta dishes to his menu. He has placed a large sign on the restaurant window promoting his new pasta dishes as the best pasta in town, made with all fresh ingredients!. Angel, the owner of Angels’ the Italian restaurant next door, is rather annoyed about the sign. She has been serving pasta for years. She has accused Johnny of misleading customers, because she knows that Johnny still used tinned olives (preserved in a can) in his pasta dishes. Johnny’s response is that even if the olives are from a tin, they are fresh from the tin. Angels has now threatened legal action under ACL s 18”.

Advice Angel how to bring a legal action against Johnny under ACL. You should provide relevant precedents and relevant sections from ACL .

Explain if such an action likely to succeed? What sort of penalties Johnny may have to pay if he breached Consumer Law Guarantees

Custom Writing Service: The Real Shocking Truth

Custom writing service is done onlineOn April, 14th 2015, Nancy Laws presented an authentic case for custom writing services. In her article Nancy Laws presented four main reasons why custom writing service may be thriving:

  • Competitiveness of higher education
  • Higher education as an industry
  • Personal Struggles of international students
  • Unreachable faculty members

Custom writing service refers to professionals who provide bespoke essays, dissertations, research papers, assignments, theses and other academic writing services.

Having been an academic writer for more than 15 years, I have seen a tremendous growth in the popularity of custom writing services. When I got to the industry, searching for custom writing services would yield just a couple of results on google. Today, it yields more than 1 million results.

15 years ago, we had only two types of clientele: those that needed genuine proofreading services, and of course, a few international students who had to survive the competitive education systems. Then, custom writing service providers emphasized helping masters and doctorate students improve their writing skills. These students had to study as they also worked within the institutions of higher learning, creating a time constraint. A company would process not more than 30 orders in a month.

Things have since changed and as Nancy Laws rightly put it, clients come from all institutions of high learning. In fact, the service has graduated to include providing help to high school students across the globe. Where a company processed less than 30 orders in a month 10 years ago, they process more than 300 essays in a day. Where clients originated from three cities in USA alone, today clients come from across the world. This is a tremendous growth of an industry, right?

As a writer, I know more than 50 people who have furthered their education to doctorate levels with the sole aim of being a custom writing service provider. But would could have been the cause of such a tremendous growth? Are student getting lazier by the day? Is it because lecturers and professors are more unreachable today? Is it a failure of the global academic system? Can anything be done?

Why are custom writing services thriving more?

There are two main perspectives of looking at this question.

  • The client’s perspectives
  • The provider’s perspective

The client’s perspective on why custom writing service thrive

There are a number of reasons that can explain the reason why students choose to hire professionals to handle their dissertations, essays and research papers.

a). The system

The global education system is the most prevalent reason why students seek help. Firstly, while the universities are extremely strict with their marking criteria, putting a serious emphasis on grammar, referencing and flow of ideas, a number of things derail the achievement of this goal.

b). The Admission Process

Unlike the past, the global education has turned from being the “industry creator” to being an industry itself. The goal of most universities is no longer to admit worthy students who will create value to the economy but to earn more through admitting more.

The profit prospects have overshadowed the need for quality. Provided a student can afford the money, there is always an excuse for the student to be admitted. This mostly applies to international students

I have, for instance, witnessed a case where a university replaces academic credentials with experience. I feel that meeting the competitive academic requirements of the universities, experience would only work as an added advantage for whatever course.

Imagine an international student who has not spoken English for his/her entire life is offered a place in an English university, given one year to learn English and is expected to write a native level of English proficiency in an academic essay. What are her options? Is it practically possible?

c). Faculty Commitment

The university system has also changed a great deal. Tutors and lecturers work for money. It is no longer a calling to be a tutor. Professors have turned into great entrepreneurs (which is not bad), focusing more on doing research than creating future researchers.

One of the greatest claim by students who indulge in seeking custom writing services is that their professors are strict yet, either unavailable or unapproachable. In the past, student would employ private tutors to help them learn the concepts needed to complete this assignments. However, such tutors are over 10 times more expensive than the custom writing services and still entail the stress of learning and time consumption.

If students had faculty members who honestly cared, things would be way different.

It is common practice for universities to use student surveys to review whether tutors are committed to duty. However, the surveys are often skewed by the pleading of most tutors. Students, in a show of sympathy, offers a tutor positive reviews. But even when a few negative feedback are found, no one acts on them stringently. A culture laxity is created among tutors and the result is students who are clueless and ready to achieve optimal marks.

d). Deadlines and Penalties

There is nothing that students fear more than academic penalties. Especially when these penalties are unavoidable. Deadlines are often good if well used. But where deadlines are inconsiderate to circumstantial victimization, student can do anything to meet the deadlines and avoid penalties.

  1. The Provider’s Perspective

For custom writing services to survive, there must be both the client and the human resource. The thriving of the practice must be supported by the ready availability of qualified human resource.

a). Availability of human resource

This is the greatest reason for prevalence of custom writing service. The service is provided by professors, doctors, Postgraduate students and graduates, graduates, bachelors’ students.

The main driver of the great pool of talent ready to be engaged is the money and the increasing global unemployment rate.

In addition, while the cost of living keeps on inflating salaries and wages are not as quickly increasing. This means that families would have to seek alternative means of earning to meet their daily needs.

b). Helpless Students

Most students who seek custom writing service are often helpless and undergoing hard times.

  • They are either sick or taking care of a sick or elderly person.
  • They may be working 20 hours a day to make ends meet.
  • These students could be undergoing emotional strain owing to varied reasons.
  • The students could be drug addicts with no one to support them
  • The student could have just lost a loved one, creating an emotional imbalance

Custom writing service is here to stay unless the university and state systems are revised to address the issues listed above.


Auditing issues surrounding the fall of the Lehman

Using the reference materials available on the internet, research the topic and discuss the
auditing issues surrounding the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Explain how this was not
forewarned in the auditor’s report which gave an unqualified opinion before its collapse.
Explain how the new auditing standard ISA 701 Communicating Key Audit Mattersin the
Independent Auditor’s Report may provide additional information about the impending collapse
of Lehman Brothers, explaining clearly what these matters are. Also, state clearly what the
auditor of Lehman Brothers would have disclosed in “Key Audit Matters” if ASA 701 was
applicable then as well explain how this would be an improvement in auditing practice.
The report should include title page, executive summary, table of contents, appropriate
headings and sub headings, recommendations,reference list (Harvard-Anglia style),
attachments if relevant,single spaced, font Times New Roman 12pt.

 Auditing, Assurance & Services

Research Question
Auditor’s Report
The new auditing standard ASA701 Communicating Key Audit Matters in the Independent
Auditor’s Report is developed in the wake of the global financial crisis, in particular the
collapse of Lehman Brothers. This development is in response to calls from shareholders to
know more about the companies they invest in. You are required to research the auditing
issues surrounding the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Further you are required to relate the
issues that led to the development of the new auditing standard ASA701 Communicating Key
Audit Mattersin the Independent Auditor’s Report. As a result of your research, provide the
key audit matters which would be required to be disclosed in the audit report to the
members of Lehman Brothers if the new auditing standard ASA701 (ISA 701) had applied in
the period leading up to the collapse of Lehman Brothers.
Using the reference materials available on the internet, research the topic and discuss the
auditing issues surrounding the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Explain how this was not
forewarned in the auditor’s report which gave an unqualified opinion before its collapse.
Explain how the new auditing standard ISA 701 Communicating Key Audit Mattersin the
Independent Auditor’s Report may provide additional information about the impending collapse
of Lehman Brothers, explaining clearly what these matters are. Also, state clearly what the
auditor of Lehman Brothers would have disclosed in “Key Audit Matters” if ASA 701 was
applicable then as well explain how this would be an improvement in auditing practice.
The report should include title page, executive summary, table of contents, appropriate
headings and sub headings, recommendations,reference list (Harvard-Anglia style),
attachments if relevant,single spaced, font Times New Roman 12pt.

Dissertation outline: France on the move to right wing populism: Analyzing the growing relevance and popularity of the Front National under Marine Le Pen

France on the move to right wing populism: Analyzing the growing relevance and popularity of the Front National under Marine Le Pen

Research Question
1. What is the process of entrenching far right ideologies in a traditionally liberal state?
2. How has the rise of Marine Le Pen to FN’s top leadership contributed to the tremendous growth of the party’s popularity and relevance?
3. What political, economic, social and technological factors contributed to the legitimization and subsequent popularity of the FN party in France?
Chapter 1: introduction 500
Chapter 2: Background Information 800
Chapter 2: Entrenching the Far Right Ideologies in a Liberal culture 1500
Chapter 3: Leadership Theory and the rise of the National Front party 1500
Chapter 4: French Economic performance and its political implications 1500
Chapter 5: Social Consequences and Political outcomes 1500
Chapter 6: Technology and the rise of the FN 1500
Chapter 7: Conclusion 800

 Operations Engineering

Task 1: Describe the organisation and its operations
Select an organisation of your choice and describe the its operations (approx. 1-2 pages).
This may including e.g.:
 nature of its operations (manufacturing, non-manufacturing, or combination, etc.),
 type of customers, market segments, method of sales, after-sales service, etc.,
 organisational size, locations, single or multi-site operations,
 type of products and services,
 method of product/service creation,
 production, distribution, etc.
Task 2: Design the Operations
a) For the organisation you have chosen under Task 1, describe how to design a new product (or
service using) De Bono’s Six Hats Thinking model. Each hat should have at least 4 items on it
(approx. 1-2 pages).
b) Develop a Design Review checklist consisting of minimum 25 questions distributed evenly over the
various aspects (minimum six different aspects) of your new product (approx. 1-2 pages).
Complete DR checklist by providing answers to the review questions and additional comments.
Write a brief summary on the DR outcome (approx. half page).
c) Construct a value stream map (VSM) for the new product developed under section a) and b) using a
MS Office program. It should have a supplier at the one end and a customer at the other end, an
information flow with minimum one core activity, a material flow with at least five core activities, at
least three inventory locations. You should also enter the value added and non-value added times
for all core activities and inventories, and determine the ratio of value added and non-value added
times. (approx. 1-2 pages).
d) As part of the VSM that you created earlier, pick at least four different waste forms and identify at
least two examples for each of the four waste forms (all together eight examples).
Determine at least one root cause for each waste example and recommend at least improvement
action for each of the root cause (all together eight root causes and eight improvement actions).
(approx. 1-2 pages).
Task 3: Manage the Operations
a) Develop a Supply Chain consisting of at least five elements/modules/functions for your product or
service. Describe specifically how these elements/modules work together to ensure a seamless
supply chain operation for your product or service.
Generic descriptions will not be accepted; they should be specifically related and relevant to your
product or service (approx. 1-2 pages).
b) Determine the Inventory Reorder Point (ROP), Safety Stock and Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) for
your product or service based on the following parameters (approx. 1-2 pages).
Demand (D) per week = (pick a number that is relevant to your assignment)
Lead Time during replenishment (L/T) = a number between 1 and 4 weeks
Standard Deviation of demand during replenishment (SD) = 10%.
Carrying cost (H) per week = a number between $0.50 and $3.00
Fixed cost of order (S) = a number between $5.00 and $20.00
Service Level = a number between 80% and 95%
c) For the process that you picked earlier for value stream mapping, construct a production (layout)
floor plan (with at least five core activities) using a MS Office program. Determine the location of
equipment, personnel, inventory, etc. as well as the flow of materials/goods with their proper names.
(approx 1-2 pages).
d) For your product, construct a JIT production flow based on a Kanban Pull system. Label all the
elements and activities within the layout, and describe how the pull system works (approx 1 page).
e) For one of the production equipment, determine its reliability based on a fictitious MTBF and
calculate the probability of a failure to occur after a certain time of its intended operation time
(approx. 1-2 pages).
f) For the same equipment, calculate the OEE (which should be less than 85%) and determine at
least five actions to improve its OEE (approx. 1-2 pages).
Task 4: Improve the Operations
a) Pick a 2-step process that is relevant to your operations. Then assume a certain output for the step
1, and that you have produced a small number of defective items, say between 3-5% at step 1, and
between 5-7% at step 2. For defects, assume a number that must be larger than the defective items
observed at each step.
Now, determine the performance metrics Yield (defective), RTY (defective), Yield (defect), and RTY
(defect) for this process, and provide a brief interpretation of the results (approx 1-2 pages).
b) In one of the operational processes of your choice pick a particular problem. Identify its root
cause(s) by using the 5-Why methodology (apply at least 5 x Why). Determine a suitable action to
eliminate/reduce the root cause(s) (approx. 1 page).
c) Assume a fictitious constraint (bottleneck) in your operations. Describe what specific actions you
could take to overcome that constraint using the TOC’s Five Focusing Steps. You can use the
headings of the Five Focusing Steps, but the actions (details under the headings) should be specific
and relevant to your constraint (approx. 1 page).

Homeland Security Law, Regulations, and Budgeting

Homeland Security Law, Regulations, and Budgeting

Order Description
Summarize assigned Chapter Three by picking two areas of interest and discuss them. Next, you must identify internet research articles that discuss your selected subject area for Chapter Three that you summarized and incorporate research article into the summary. The assignment must be written in Times New Roman (12), double spaced, and in paragraph format. Reference: Nemeth, Charles P., Homeland Security – An Introduction to Principles and Practice, 2nd, CRC Press