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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Industrial relations

Answer the following questions. Each answer should be a page long. Use 2-3 sources per question. I will also upload the class slides in order for you get the theory required.

chapter 7
1.Take any unionized industry in Canada and analyze the pressures on the three parties to collective bargaining: management, union, and employees.

Chapter 8
2. The demographics of the Canadian labour force are changing. For example, we see increased ethnic and visible diversity; increased focus on attracting youth given the aging workforce; and the ability of employees to remain at beyond the typical retirement age of 65. Given these demographic changes do you feel we will see changes in the types of clauses contained in collective agreements or even in their format. Explain.

chapter 11
3. Many students work while in school and typically they work in nonunion jobs. If you move to a unionzed workplace upon graduation, what do you expect will be the biggest challenges you will see in terms of HRM practices.

Human resource comparison of China and UK

1. Based upon the comparative analysis of national cultures between UK and China, what should
B&Q have considered with regard to their HRM in China operations, when they
expanded their businesses to China? (30 marks)

1. Based upon Gamble’s articles on HRM practices in B&Q China, evaluate the degree of
transfer of HRM practices from UK to China and explain why such transfer outcomes
were produced in B&Q China? (35 marks)
1. Based upon your own research on the recent changes in the labour markets in China, what
would you recommend for B&Q China to attract, motivate, and/or retain local employees
in the changing labour markets in China? (35 marks)

Impact of HRM actions: Critical thinking

For this assignment you must be familiar with how each of the following impacts HRM actions:

a. Exceptions to Employment at Will.
b. Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA).
c. Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).
Case Assignment

For this Case Assignment you will be focusing on a, b, and c listed above and how they impact the private sector workplace. (Be sure to focus on the private sector, and not the public sector in
your answer.) Discuss the following in an integrated essay, backing up your statements with research:

Provide a half-page summary of each. Include these summaries together in one Appendix at the end of your paper.
Examine employment at will and its exceptions and explain the exception that has had the greatest impact on the private sector workplace.
Examine USERRA and detail its positive and negative impacts on the private sector workplace.
What is the one most important change you see is needed to IRCA? Why? Discuss. (Note: repealing the law is not an option.)
Provide cited reference information (from valid sources) to back up your discussion.

Consider the major HRM functions in your answer.

Use at least 5 Trident Online Library sources, plus any applicable background readings to help strengthen your discussion.

Upload your paper by the module due date. The paper should be at least 5 pages (not counting the cover page, References section, and Appendix).

Advanced practice nursing role

Submit a statement of up to 250 words that establishes:
1). Your current role,
Type of facility, and
Location of facility

2) A short question that explores a current issue about advanced practice nursing roles OR developing and sustaining nursing practice change OR challenges issues in clinical education for practice

3) Why you are interested in this issue ?

4) One reference (citation of article) that relates to your question (not included in word count).

Human resource management

complete only question 2 and 3 and conclusion because the first question was already done Task Prepare a report which critically evaluates the HR issues in the company, making recommendations for
change. Justify any suggestions that you make, supporting your ideas with relevant theory and examples of best practice from the hotel industry and other comparable sectors. Report Requirements In
preparing your report you should address the following:
1. Identify the main HR issues in the case study using relevant theory. 30 marks Page 5 of 6 2. Recommend changes in light of your analysis to the practices of rewarding people at work. Evaluate
the risks and rewards of what you propose. 35 marks

3. Critically analyse the wider implications relating to the management of people at Huntsman in light of the changes you have suggested. 35 marks

Is the purpose of incarceration to punish or to rehabilitate

Is the purpose of incarceration to punish or to rehabilitate

Economic Principles and decision making

write a 3,000 word report to the Board of Director of Schmeckt Gut in which you address the following:
Do you think you can match the different projections? For example, do you think that a 5% increase in income is associated with a 10% tariff rate and a 2% inflation rate? Explain by linking your discussion to at least all of the following concepts. These must be discussed:
o supply, demand and aggregated demand and aggregated supply, the Philipps Curve and the Laffer curve.
– What impact would the different predictions of income development, inflation rate development and tariff rate development have on the potential demand of Schmeckt Gut? Conduct a multiple regression analysis (in log-linear form) with interpretation of the results.
Discuss and explain.
– Discuss what the Board of Directors should do under each of your scenarios, based on your matching of the predictions

The death Penalty

Answer the questions seperate from the week readings

2. Do you agree with some theorists (eg Bedau) that a strict application of lex talionis is not only not ever practiced, but also not desirable? Explain the point being made, and your response to
3. What do you think is the strongest basis for a retributive defense of capital punishment? Do you agree with it, and with the claim that just punishment is ineliminably retributive?
4. Do you think the death penalty serves effectively as a deterrent for crimes of murder?
5. Do you agree with critics of the death penalty that its sanctioned use in a society degrades all members of that society? Present that argument in full. Critically assess it.
6. In regards to the very worst crimes and criminals, can we justify use of the death penalty as opposed to life imprisonment? On what grounds?

* Readings?
* Jeremy Bentham: ‘A Utilitarian Theory of Punishment’
* Hugo Adam Bedau: ‘Capital Punishment’ iS
* Igor Primoratz: ‘A Life for a Life’ ?


Is the Death Penalty as it is administered in this country an appropriate method of punishment? Why or why not?

Supply chain for one company

make a research about the supply chain for a well-known company as follow;

Supply chain during manufacturing




the supply chain for distribution






I have around 6 articles that contain the above data, the writer will rewrite according to the main point that I mentioned. report around 20 pages.