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100 Original Research Paper Topics for College Students in 2020 and Examples

100 Original Research Paper Topics for College Students in 2020 and Examples

What exactly is the hardest part of developing a compelling study piece of paper? Regardless of typical belief, producing is just not the most significant challenge soon on your way good results. Nonetheless, seeking to create a great investigation paper topic may be more complex than composing analysis on its own.

In choosing a research paper topic, individuals can deal with many different problems, which include a lack of imagination, not enough essay creating abilities and expertise, or an absence of research materials in the preferred subject matter. These as well as other problems may get in your way, stopping you moving forward from making genuinely fascinating thesis subjects.

How could you conquer these complaints during this process of selecting a subject? In the following paragraphs, we are going to give you many ways that can make the complete procedure easier, and talk about a list of 100 great analysis topics undefined


  1. Noticing Your Likes and dislikes

What really will make a research subject matter very good can be your authentic desire for it. Picking a matter that you will be personally considering can keep you motivated to complete an in-range research than it, and may create the entire composing procedure less difficult.

Study your range of passions – crack them into individual issues and judge one that can make the most curiosity when it comes to revealing the subject. In case the topic is controversial, then it will likely be a smart idea to determine your viewpoint immediately — to help polish the direction of your own research.

Also, make certain to never choose investigation essay issues solely on what’s trending. When trending subjects will unquestionably be relevant, the absence of fascination can affect the general excellence of the operate.

  1. Ensure You Have Plenty of Info to create a paper

If your real curiosity about a particular issue ought to be towards the top of your concern checklist in choosing a subject, the availability of enough details needs to be your second highest priority.

Developing a ample amount of resources to publish your homework document is vital. Several of the assets it is possible to try to find are textbooks, diverse technological magazines, online sources like blogs and internet sites, encyclopedias, etc. The greater number of assets you will discover, the better it will be to create your very own work.

You may also be curious about identifying how to find reputable resources for your analysis

The better professional and more recent this issue for scientific studies are, the less details you will probably get onto it. Therefore, choosing this sort of matter, you must be prepared to face specific obstacles along the way of producing. Even so, this does not necessarily mean that you ought to select simple research document subject areas. Keep in mind that a great topic must not be too easy nor large.

  1. Adhere to Your Teacher’s Guidelines


Finally, never forget to keep your teacher’s instructions in your mind when deciding on a subject. The requirements and limits may vary depending on your school levels as well as your teacher’s personal preferences, and you will have to bear them at heart. Also, it will always be a good idea to confirm your matter together with your educator before you start writing—if they think it might be an inadequate decision, they will likely probably give you some direction and definitely will take pleasure in which you inquired nevertheless.

Additional Suggestions

To offer you some extra recommendations on the option of a subject, listed below are the principle features that characterize good topics for investigation reports:

Meaning – the selected topic needs to be relevant for possible readers

Specificness – aims (along with expected final results) of your review must be centered and clear

Importance – an effective topic should take importance and influence in your field of study—or the city by and large

Trendiness – issues that are trending have a tendency to spark a lot more fascination among followers due to their yet unexplored prospective

Originality – it is important to concentrate your projects on a thing that hasn’t been researched before to make certain technological novelty and creativity.

100 Samples of Interesting Research Topics

Best Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. Examination of tutor competency in relation to their degree requirements and qualifications
  2. The role of state on religion contribution for the good of the public
  3. The issue of drug and alcohol abuse in colleges
  4. China and US Trade wars and conflict in the recent times
  5. The issue of suicide and desire to commit suicide while studying amongst college students
  6. The existence of useless classes, and whether skipping them will have impacts on the student
  7. College education and funding
  8. The importance of running a “gap year” between high school and college amongst students
  9. Family background and its implications in the academic performance of college students
  10. Pregnancy related issues in colleges: Implications on the performance of college-going girls

The Best Psychology Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. Critical analysis of the Tourette syndrome: Causes and Effects
  2. Mental health issues in college: analysis of the incidences of self-harm
  3. Stress management and the role of exercising
  4. Common causes of sleep disorders in colleges and the suitable management strategies
  5. The biological and psychological causes of sociopathy
  6. The issue of abortion in colleges, arguments for and against
  7. Modern asylum, the benefits and disadvantages
  8. The occurrence of eating disorders amongst students
  9. Psychological issues associated with obesity and analysis of suitable management approaches
  10. The issue of self-esteem amongst college students: Causes, effects and management strategies

The Best Literature and Religion Research Paper Topics 2020

  1. The issues and controversies surrounding Shakespeare authorship
  2. The role of the bible as a literature book
  3. The relationship between Virgil and Dante
  4. An exploration of the Divine Comedy as a world masterpiece
  5. The importance and religious significance of the Quran
  6. Analysis of the metaphysical in Donne’s Poetry
  7. The role and influence of religion on morality
  8. The role and contributions of religion to the issue of terrorism
  9. Religion and societal values: Contribution and benefits
  10. What are the role and implications of religion in combating terrorism?

Argumentative Essay Research Paper Topics

  1. Euthanasia adoption and practice in medical field
  2. The internet plays a major role in making people smarter
  3. The federal government plays a significant role in regulating the information available on the internet
  4. Body language is the most important thing when dating
  5. Cancer patients should receive free treatment
  6. Protection of the animals is more important than the business needs
  7. Revoking drivers’ license is an effective way of managing careless driving
  8. Genetically modified foods are suitable in addressing the issues of food insecurity
  9. The police play a major role in law enforcement within communities in the US
  10. The changes in climate can be best explained scientifically

History Research Paper Topics

  1. The social history of American agriculture
  2. A revolution on the farm of Northern America
  3. Historical perspectives on the culture of the US
  4. The dynamics of the American politics in the recent past
  5. The American Election System: The process and possible issues and Challenges
  6. The battle cry of freedom
  7. A discussion of the Yankees in Europe
  8. Analysis of the presidential campaigns in America
  9. The implications of the political campaigns on the American image
  10. The issue of immigration and the relevance of immigrants in the American history

Science Research Paper Topics

  1. Forensic science technology
  2. The role of stem cells in the treatment of various diseases
  3. New technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases
  4. Alchemy and its contributions to the field of science
  5. The problems and obstacles faced by scientists in breaking the sound barrier
  6. Technologies implemented in the conservation of energy
  7. The opportunities and threats of nuclear energy
  8. The medical treatment approaches in the management of pre-term babies
  9. The role and importance of breastfeeding in improving the babies’ health
  10. New technologies for cancer screening and treatment

Law Research Paper Topic

  1. Racial discrimination and the issue of racial injustice across the globe
  2. The issue of gender discrimination and the role of laws and regulation in economies
  3. The role of policing in crime management in the USA
  4. Juvenile criminal acts: Causes and management
  5. The impacts of racial profiling on crime management in the USA
  6. Boarder patrol: Its role in the management and elimination of cross-border smuggling of goods
  7. The role of government in the provision of community protection
  8. The process of denotating explosive equipment: Strategies and possible dangers
  9. Mob justice and its implication on policing
  10. The issue of mass emergencies and suitable control and management approaches

Business Research Paper Topics

  1. Features of a true business leader
  2. The management of a positive staff relationship
  3. Crowdfunding and outsourcing: Analysis of the financial techniques in business
  4. The importance of SMEs to an economy
  5. The causes of small start-up business failures in their initial years of inception
  6. The benefits of investing the company’s assets into charity
  7. The management of four generations within the workplace
  8. The representation of shareholders in a non-public company
  9. The management of business activities to achieve maximum shareholder value
  10. Corporate social responsibility and business performance

The Best Human Resource Research Paper Topics You Can Choose

  1. Conflict as an inevitable issue in the workplace: Critical analysis
  2. Discrimination within the workplace: Causes and implications
  3. Diversity at the workplace and its benefits
  4. Employee motivation as a factor of success
  5. Whistleblowing: Issues, problems and implications
  6. Key performance indicators in an organizational setting
  7. Stress management within the workplace
  8. The impacts of wages on the performance of employees
  9. Rewards as a management tool within the workplace
  10. Approaches for effective hiring and management of employees
  11. Training within the workplace: Cost and benefit analysis