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What is the most critical issue in Hmong history today?

Length: 3,500 words (12 size font, 1.5 spacing) , APA format
write an 8-10 page essay (typed and 1.5 space between lines), using the following guidelines:
1. Introduction: set out your aim and outline of discussion,
2. Clearly define your concepts and understanding of the issue,
3. Discuss it in depth from a variety of viewpoints with reference to the literature, the materials covered in class and other sources of information,
4. Give your own position and propose possible solution(s),
5. Draw your own conclusion to the issue, and
6. List all references in full.
The quality of your written work depends on your level of originality and ability to incorporate your own thoughts with those learned in class, from the literature or from people you do field work with. Think hard and use your own ideas/experiences and do not only regurgitate what is in your readings. You will be assessed for your creative use of various kinds of information and their sources: written, live and Internet (e.g. You Tube and other websites).
Hand in only your FINAL revised draft with all English and spelling carefully checked. Anyone handing in their first draft only or a paper short of the required length, will be asked to re-write their paper.
First, Topics:
In your opinion, What is the most critical issue in Hmong history today?
Give a detailed assessment of the issue, and propose some possible solutions/options for the future, using the appropriate literature and your own information.
Second, Power Point:
You need to do about 6-8 slides
Third, a note:
I want you to write a note for each slide so that I can present them in class. It will help me for presentation. Easy words for that note.

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