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The within-host evolution of HIV: how rapid mutation rates can lead to drug resistance

Peer Review: Each student will produce a first draft of the paper and share it with two randomly
assigned class members who read and evaluate the paper, concentrating on issues of
organization and content. Each reviewer will be graded on the quality of this review and will
represent 5% of the grade for the final paper. Each student peer reviewer will fill out a peer
review form noting specific examples of things in the draft that the students should keep, add to,
delete, change or move within the document. Drs. Leips and Omland will also read and respond
to this first rough draft, commenting on things such as:
1. Does paper focus on conceptual areas of EVOLUTIONARY biology? (You should avoid a
focus on molecular or behavioral mechanisms etc. Focus on evolutionary questions.)
2. Description of literature, including clarity, depth, and breadth
3. Analysis of literature 4. Novel contribution by the student

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