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Management Research Methodology Essay

Individual assignment question

(1) Each student must write and submit a Management Research Methodology Essay. (2) Student can choose ANY research methods used in management e.g. Observation, faceto-face, internet, mystery customer and others. (3) Explain the methodology chosen (4) Justify the usage of the chosen method (5) Assess the strategies, response rate, sampling integrity, result accuracy and any potential pitfalls of the chosen method (6) Evaluate the key ethical concerns/issues of the chosen method (7) Appraise the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen method (8) Recommend improvements to avoid some of the difficulties encountered in the chosen method

The methodology essay will follow the usual structure of an essay e.g.: The title page will be followed by the essay which will contain a clear introduction, body and conclusion. Following the conclusion, a reference list will be presented (see Student Manual).

You will be marked on your ability to analyse and synthesise the literature e.g.: the adequacy of application, strengths and weaknesses, whether they provide a strong enough foundation on which to base rigorous research. Therefore, do not write a descriptive essay.

This is a research essay requiring you to search academic journals only – not textbooks or nonacademic internet sources. You should primarily search the academic journals from online library. If you feel it is appropriate, you may use other journals if you consider the journal article to be a relevant and quality source for your assignment.

A minimum of eight (8) journal reference sources will help you write a more complete paper, if all the sources are relevant. It is preferable that your journal sources be no older than 10 years and, definitely, no earlier than 2000.

Note: you are discouraged from including excessive numbers of citations in your essay that do not add critical significance to your discussion, as there is NO reward in the marking process for quantity over quality.

Submission Mode

Work should be in TNR, font 12, double-spaced with 2.4cm margins. Typed in A4 paper and stapled on top left hand corner. No files and envelope need to be used.

All assignments must be submitted to MDIS Blackboard TURNITIN for plagiarism checking. The detail FULL similarity report must then be attached to the assignment when submit over the Post Grad Centre counter.

Note that it is your responsibility to keep a copy of each assessment task that is submitted and the submission receipt as proof of submission.

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Late Submission

Assessment submitted after the due date, without an approved extension of time, will be reduced by 10% of the possible maximum mark for that assessment item for each day or part day that the assessment item is late (this applies equally to week and weekend days). Please note there will be a time lag if you want to get Turnitin similarity check. You are therefore advice to factor in such delays and the leadtime needed to do any amendments to your assignment after the Turnitin results so that you will not miss the deadline.

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