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how Spotify has altered people’s habits of everyday life and music experience

The research proposal has illustrated research questions for the topic. The way how Spotify has altered people’s habits of everyday life and music experience, as well as how the streaming experience affect people differently, and it changes the way people relate to music and relate to each other are the interesting points that I would like to focus.

– Can talk about the idea of Marshall McLuhan in relation to the topic and research questions. The bibliography in the proposal is useful for writing the research paper.

– This is an individual, written, research report, reporting what you’ve found in your research, and how this has changed your thought about, and understanding of, advanced media issues. "Advanced media issues" might well mean "contemporary media issues" but it does not have to. You may well be interested in VR or AI, but you may just as easily be interested in advanced thinking about communication 10,000, or for that matter 10 million years ago.

Criteria for this Assignment

1. Your research into the topic, and your links between the specifics involved and more general issues.

2. Your critical thinking through of the issues involved and careful response to them. Note here that “critical thinking” is not just (or even) saying “what’s wrong” with something. “Critical” is much misunderstood as a term. In this course, “critical thinking” means that you need to explore what actually works or what’s valuable in the ideas/events you’re engaged with, as well as what doesn’t work. You need to ask where the ideas could go further, where their limits are (the point at which such ideas cease to be useful), or how they could be modified to be more useful, etc.

3. Your synthesis (bringing together) of the ideas, practices and issues you’re dealing with into a satisfactory form of expression.

4. Your demonstrated engagement with at least some of the materials/readings/explorations/ideas for the course. Please note that this does not mean extensive engagement if that is not relevant to your research. It just means that at some point you should touch on something from the course. Since there is so much on the course, from such a variety of sources, on such a variety of topics, this should not be too difficult. However, we don’t want this criterion to stop your own exploration of your chosen research topic, in your own way. If you’re really interested in some of the ideas or events discussed on the course, you can of course focus on those. If however your topic diverges from the kinds of things we discuss on the course, you only have to touch on a bit from the course. If you’re concerned about this, talk to your tutor about it. They will be happy to discuss it with you.

5. You should have done appropriate research, demonstrate your work from the course as a whole, and, just as importantly, have done some careful critical thinking, as above.

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