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Discuss Feminism in American Horror Story: Coven

The paper should be at least 5 pages long, single-spaced, with a 12-point font.
2. Please print the paper out single-sided and not double-sided.
3. When describing something that happens in the show, use the present tense.
4. Use italics for the name of the shows and quotations for the names of the episodes,
5. Do not use a cover page. Put only your name & the date at the top of the first page
6. If you cite material written by others, then attach the complete text to the paper
7. Do not recounting the plot
8. Dont’ use “ I, me, my” this paper is in objective view
9) You must have a solid thesis, strong arguments, and convincing evidence-
10) This is not a research paper. I am interested in your ideas and no one else’s. But, you
cannot use the first person, “I, me, and my.” You must write statements objectively.

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