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Digital Literacy Assignment: Evaluating Credible Sources

• Utilize the school Library and Internet resources for research
• Explore and compare multiple search sites (beyond Google)
• Describe common criteria for evaluating the credibility of sources
• Evaluate the credibility of sources using commonly accepted criteria
• Compare the portrayal of a topic as covered by different source
For this assignment you will gather and evaluate information from several different
digital research sources, about a company, recent event or topic of your choice.

• A company: Netflix, or a competitor
• A recent event: The business and financial decisions involved with artists
performing at major events such as The Super Bowl
• A topic: The impact of video piracy on the film and television industries
You are encouraged to choose a topic or recent event from your industry or field you are targeting for your career, but you are not limited to these.
Select your topic as described on the previous page.
Conduct research using at least two (2) different online information sources, at least one (1) of which must be from one of the databases
provided in the online library of The Los Angeles Film School.
Explore some of the research and search databases provided this week. Go beyond common search sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing,
Find at least two (2) different articles about your selected topic, each from a different source.
Review the Ten Cs concepts from this week’s 3.2 Read & View activities.
Review the Evaluation Guide provided with this assignment.
Use this link to view and study the “3.4 Walk-Through” video for examples and information related to the topics reflected in this assignment.
A written report or a slide show presentation that analyzes the information from each of the two articles.
You may include screenshots, images, or other visuals to help explain your findings.
• State the topic that you decided to research
• List the two articles that you selected, with full citations and urls
• Use the Evaluation Guide provided and answer the questions listed for each of the two articles
After answering the questions for both articles, include a brief summary (1 or 2 paragraphs) explaining
which of the two research articles you believe is the most reliable, and why.

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