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Conversational Interfaces as a replacement for Graphical User Interfaces

This is meant to be an Extended Essay.

It must include an abstract, an index, and an outline it must evaluate the impacts of Coversational Interfaces on society.

Along the lines of an easier learning curve, the role of artificial inteligence, how this changes the communication with electronic devices such as smartphone, the accesibility that this could provide on societies that do not use alphabets such as china, how natural is it for a person to use spoken language to utilize an electronic device rather than with a Graphical User Interface, etc.

Those are just ideas but that is basically the general topic that the essay is supposed to be about.

There must be some sort of meaningful investigation carried out, first hand source that has to be produced, focus groups, survey. The aim is to see the social impacts that the replacement could have on society. The general topic is information technology in a globalized society, or ITGS.

Bottom line, this is an extended essay for the IB Diploma.
Supposed to be 15 pages, in reality I only need 4,000, and that is the limit of my task, it cannot be over this limit.
The sources have no limit, at least 4.

Footnotes can be added, but they cannot explain essential information since the person that will grade the essay is not forced to read them, and they are to grade only what they read on the body of the text.

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